Barthgasse 9, 1030 Vienna

The Hahn Boardinghouse is located in the street Barthgasse 9, 1030 Vienna. The next metro-station "Schlachthausgasse" can be reached just in a few minutes.




In Vienna short-term parking may apply to individual streets or to entire areas. Therefor you can buy parking-tickets at the tobacco-shops.


Near Hahn Boardinghouse we recommend:


WIPARK Town Town Parkplatz (address: Im Erdberger Mais, 1030 Vienna) www.wipark.at

Park & Ride Erdberg (address: Franzosengraben 2, 1030 Vienna) www.parkandride.at



Nestroygasse 7

1020 Wien, Österreich

Tel: +43 174 888 00

Fax: +43 174 888 00 110

eMail: info@hotelhahn.at

Hahn Boardinghouse, Wien